Kilikia lemonade

The lemonade was first appeared in France. According to legend the royal winemaker was confused wine barrel with juice, and, in order to cover up the mistake, he added mineral water in lemon juice and rendered to King Ludwig 1st: King liked it. The «Schwepp & Co» company was the first to start massive sales of carbonated drinks, later it started to produce fruit and berry syrup waters.

In 1833, lemonade became a worldwide leader among with the carbonated juices. The largest mass of Lemonade content was water – almost 80 %. Cooling properties of the lemonade is associated with the dissolved carbon dioxide and organic acids in its content. Due to the modern technology and high quality raw, we have kept the best traditions of making “KILIKIA” lemonades.

Louzinian mineral water

“Louzinian” mineral water is extracted from mineral water sources (source 1/2009, town Jermuk) located in ecologically clean parts of Jermuk town. Mineral waters of Jermuk are deep underground thermal mineral water squirts. First time those waters have been examined and characterized in 1830 and are widely consumed nowadays.

By their chemical compound, mineral waters of Jermuk town are close to those of Dzelezhnovodsk and Karlov mineral waters. “Louzinian” mineral water passes through a unique purification stage, result of which is the reduction of the arsenic levels in the mineral water to permissible level. “Louzinian” mineral water has tender taste, is easy to drink, is rich with useful mineral salts and it slakes thirst  any season of the year.  


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